Post-Surgery Mastectomy Products in Tyler, Tx

Products To Help You Recover Quickly

Prepare to care for yourself post-surgery with mastectomy care products that reduce pain and swelling and promote healing.

Recovery Brobe

Your customary roabe isn’t designed to address your special needs post-surgery. The Recovery Brobe, a bra and robe combination that is perfect for women recovering from any breast surgery, will wrap you in comfort. Our Brobe has pockets for holding your drain bulb for hands-free movement. The detachable bra features a front closure for convenience and pockets for Brobe Ice Packs. Comes in jet black or magenta.

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Brobe Ice Packs

When recovering from any surgery or injury, ice is your new best friend. The Brobe Ice Packs fit easily into our soft and comforting Recovery Brobe or Comfort Pillow. Buy several Brobe Ice Packs to always have a spare or two in the freezer for quick relief from pain and swelling.

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Comfort Pillow

Your surgical site and surrounding tissue will be sore and inflamed after surgery. A comfort pillow with ice pack pockets, will support that tender tissue and provide cooling relief. Our handmade surgical pillows pair perfectly with our Brobe Ice Packs.

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Surgical Drain Belt

A post-mastectomy surgical drain belt supports your at-home recovery by offering a hands-free option for holding surgical drain tubes and bulbs, keeping you safe and comfortable. Our surgical drain belts can even be worn while showering.

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Post-Surgical Camisole With Drain Management

This camisole is perfect for wear immediately following surgery. Our post-surgical camisole features a zipper-front closure and detachable shoulder clasp for easy wear and accessibility. The epitome of comfort, with features like comfort strip padding, 2 attachable drain pouches, and 2 triangle puff leisure forms, this camisole will become a favorite. Better buy two!

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