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Meeting the Unique Needs of Women in East Texas

A Woman's Touch is a full-service women's health and fashion boutique in Tyler, Texas! We offer a myriad of products, ranging from custom post-mastectomy bras to wigs, caps, scarves, swimsuits, and more!

At A Woman's Touch, we recognize the unique challenges women face when it comes to their health. That's why we seek to make a positive impact in women's lives by allowing them to thrive in their health and fashion.

A Woman's Touch is dedicated to helping women feel confident before, during, and after undergoing treatment related to breast cancer. We want to assist women as they embark on their journey through their treatment by promoting well-being and comfort in all our products.

After undergoing any breast surgery, it's crucial to find products that help you feel home in your own skin again. A Woman's Touch boutique provides a wide variety of post-mastectomy bras and camisoles using the latest in prosthetic technology, giving you options.

We know how overwhelming life post-mastectomy can be. That's why it's our mission as a full-service boutique to provide custom mastectomy products in Tyler, Texas for every woman who goes through breast cancer treatment. Come see us today to browse our products and learn more about how we can help you keep moving forward!